Connected Baby Shower Tips and Ideas from Favor Favor Baby

Baby Shower Ideas and Tips from Favor Favor Baby

Welcome to our new Baby Shower Tips & Ideas section! We'll be updating this section regularly with new tips on the latest trends in baby showers, so check back often for more.

Baby Shower Ideas

Take-Care-of-Yourself Baby ShowersTake-Care-of-Yourself Baby Showers
Motherhood: It's the toughest and most important job in the world. No wonder moms - new and not so new - often find themselves exhausted. For the mom-to-be, nothing offers a better start than a "take-care-of-yourself" shower.
By Deborah Collins

Traditional Shower FavorsTraditional Shower Favors
Some things automatically make you think of babies. Strollers, bottles, rocking horses and teddy bears are often the first to come to mind. These are the items you would traditionally see at a baby shower.
By Deborah Collins

Holiday Baby Shower FavorsHoliday Baby Shower Favors
Trying to plan a baby shower that isn't like all the rest? Tie your shower theme to an upcoming holiday. With holidays spread throughout the year, it's easy to find one that coincides with most shower dates.
By Deborah Collins

Elegant Baby ShowersElegant Baby Showers
Does a baby shower have to have silly games and sophomoric decorations? Can't you celebrate the birth of your child with elegance and style? What do you do when cute isn't an option?
By Dawn Kraus

Top 10 Baby Shower ThemesTop 10 Baby Shower Themes
When preparing for a baby shower, one of the most fun elements to planning the party is selecting a theme.
By Dawn Kraus

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games to Play, and NOT to Play!Baby Shower Games to Play, and NOT to Play!
The good baby shower games involve things like guessing facts about mother and unborn child. The bad games are the ones men (and most women in their right minds) fear most.
By Deborah Collins

Fun Baby Shower GamesFun Baby Shower Games
Baby Showers are a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Hosting a successful baby shower depends entirely on the planning.
By Dawn Kraus

Baby Shower Favors

Cheap Baby Shower FavorsCheap Baby Shower Favors
Planning a shower on a tight budget may seem like a chore. But don't despair! If you have a little savvy and an Internet connection, you can find affordable, unique baby shower favors for about $0.99.
By Deborah Collins