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Throw a Take-Care-of-Yourself Baby Shower

By Deborah Collins © 2008, All Rights Reserved

Motherhood: It's the toughest and most important job in the world. No wonder moms - new and not so new - often find themselves exhausted. For the mom-to-be, nothing offers a better start than a "take-care-of-yourself" shower.

For a new mom, the days ahead will probably be laced with sleepless nights, hectic days and transporting tons of equipment - from strollers to diaper bags - on even the shortest trips. With a little help from her friends, Mom can learn - before baby arrives - that taking a little "me" time can reap wonderful rewards.

Consider a Speaker

In addition to the standard elements that simply must be included in every shower (like unique baby shower favors and presents!), consider having a speaker attend. Hospitals often offer free public speakers that can address crowds on a variety of topics. Your speaker could give a short presentation about why moms should take better care of themselves and how to fit that "me" time into their already overloaded schedules.

If speakers aren't available in your area, download articles from the Internet and ask different guests or hostesses to read an article each to the attendees.

Unique Baby Shower Favors

Of course, a take-care-of-yourself party is going to require some pretty unique baby shower favors. Fill pastel metal buckets or organza drawstring "gym" bags with a variety of creative items such as rich hand cream. Purse-size containers can be personalized with ducks, umbrellas or other shower-related images.

Shower gel is something else that gives an oh-so-good feeling. Customize labels with Mom's name or the date of her event and add these to the bag or bucket. When guests get home, they can close the door, turn a radio on playing soft music and take a peaceful and relaxing shower swirled with the scents of jasmine and sweet pea.

Designer lip balm is always a necessity. Scented with vanilla, lip balm protects and softens while it gives off a relaxing aroma.

No take-care-of-yourself event would be complete without a manicure. Dainty little sets are enclosed in tiny, pink, polka dot purses including file, clippers, tweezers and scissors. It's a necessity for a pampering day or for every day.

Personalized shower-themed tea packets are another wonderful way to indulge your guests. Encourage each to find a hidden corner to relax in as they take just 10 minutes for themselves to sip a rich blend of their favorite tea.

Massage Anyone?

In addition to unique baby shower favors and an interesting speaker, you might also want to engage the services of a masseuse. Dedicate one corner of the room to the masseuse and allow him/her to provide mini facial massages or neck and shoulder rubs. Everyone will be thrilled!


For refreshments, turn your attention to healthy snacks as opposed to traditional cakes, cookies and sugary punches. Offer decaffeinated, iced tea flavored with fresh peaches, raspberries or blackberries. Create sandwiches from whole-grain bread filled with low-fat pineapple and cream cheese spread or honey-roasted turkey with mild havarti cheese.

A fresh fruit tray overflowing with the season's best might include blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, cantaloupe, star fruit, tangerine slices and more.

Whatever you choose to include in your take-care-of-yourself shower, your guests will be revived and rejuvenated when they leave and mom-to-be is sure to feel much more relaxed and de-stressed.


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