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Baby Shower Games: Do You Know How to Pick the Poopie?

By Deborah Collins © 2008, All Rights Reserved

In a show of hands, who knows why men avoid baby showers like the plague? It's a girl thing, they say. Or, it's their day to watch football or basketball or skeet shooting... whatever sport happens to be on tv and which absolutely can't be missed. Better yet, they have to help their friend move or paint or do yard work (or basically any of those things that they won't get off the couch to do at home). So do you think you know why that is, ladies? It's because of baby shower games. Really, it's true. The good baby shower games are "girly" and the bad baby shower games are, well, just plain bad.

Good Games vs. Bad Games

The good baby shower games involve things like guessing facts about mother and unborn child, or feature adorable baby shower favors like the ones at The bad games are the ones men (and most women in their right minds) fear most. Such a bad game is "Pick the Poopie." If you've never heard of this game, once you know what it entails, you'll never forget it. Nor will you ever offer it up as a suggested game to play at anyone's baby shower. If you have heard of this game and you actually think it's a good idea, you're one of the few, the juvenile, the silly geese.

I recently attended a baby shower where there were several opened diapers on display, all in a row. I went over to the table to check them out. All the time, I was wondering what could have prompted intelligent people to put diapers on one end of a table upon which some of us were still eating dinner. That kind of logic on our host's part led me to quickly examine the cooking area for cleanliness and to rethink taking a second helping of anything that wasn't store bought and still in its original packaging. Then, horror, shock, and yes, almost a regurgitation of that lovely chicken parm - close examination of the diapers revealed a most unwelcome sight. Each diaper held what looked like fecal matter. I shook my head and said to myself that it just couldn't be. Then I saw the candy wrappers and my initial shock turned to dismay, disgust, and disbelief. We were supposed to guess which diaper held which crushed up chocolate candy bar.

The worst thing about this game for me was the fact that I almost won. I thought about where I would have hung the award on my wall - next to my BA degree? Perhaps across from my MBA or sandwiched in between my numerous women's achievement awards? It was a tough call, but thankfully one that I would live to make another day. I kept my dinner down and my sanity intact, thanked my hosts and left as soon as proper baby shower etiquette said I could.

Good Baby Shower Games & Favors

So ladies, when planning a baby shower or being asked for suggestions for baby shower activities, why not be as fabulous as you are in every other aspect of your life? Make guests guess how many jellybeans are in each of the baby bottle favors you bought for them from websites like or have everyone make something for the new baby with craft ideas from But most importantly, remember to have some good (clean) fun!


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Deborah Collins is Creative Consultant for specializing in creative, unique baby shower favors for every budget. Visit them today at to browse their huge selection of affordable baby shower favors that will make your big event memorable.

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