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Baby Shower Games: Do You Know How to Pick the Poopie?

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Baby Showers are a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Hosting a successful baby shower depends entirely on the planning. Remember that you want to have fun while you are celebrating this momentous occasion, so think of some entertaining and exciting activities that involve everyone and provide happy memories they can all cherish.

Fabulous Games for Everyone

Baby Shower games are a fantastic way to break the ice and to get each guest to participate in the party. Some activities are a lot of fun and don't require many materials or set up time. The most famous game is 'Guess Mommy's Tummy'. This game has been around for centuries and probably always will be; however, in order to relieve that 'ouch' moment when you use the measuring tape to go around the pregnant tummy, use a string instead. Have each guest cut a string to the length that they think will go around the mom-to-be. Then when everyone has their string, they can see if it fits around mom without there being any numbers mentioned at all! Another popular standard is 'Baby Shower Bingo.' This game is perfect for guests of all ages as they fill a bingo sheet with ideas on what gifts will be given. Although some guests will stack the deck by including their own gift, it will keep all your guests attentive as you open your presents. Another guessing game simply requires a glass jar and a lot of safety pins. Have your guests estimate how many pins there are and find out at the end of the event who was closest. Always remember to note how many you put in so you don't have to count them later. A relatively new game is becoming very popular and includes a little work before the event. Ask your guests to send in baby pictures of themselves or the mom or dad-to-be when they send in their RSVP. Then select a few funny, adorable, and sweet baby pictures to display at the party. Have guests guess who the beautiful babies grew up to be.

Proceed With Caution

Although games are a lot of fun at a baby shower, there are some games that may make your guests uncomfortable, so proceed with caution. An unforgettable activity is called 'Guess the Chocolate,' though it has also been called a variety of less savory names. In this game, a selection of different chocolate bars are partially melted in the microwave and then placed in small diapers. Guests try to figure out what the chocolate bar was originally. Another slightly messy game includes applesauce and garbage bags. In 'The Great Apple Sauce Race', guests are asked to volunteer in pairs. One person is blindfolded and garbed in a garbage bag to protect their clothing. Their teammate then proceeds to feed them applesauce. The team who finishes their jar of apple sauce first, wins. Racing games come in a variety of forms. One, known as 'Baby Bottle Races,' includes baby bottles filled with liquids and a mad race to see who can finish the bottle first.

Fantastic Baby Shower Favors

Whether your guests are having 'Baby Bottle Races' or 'Baby Bingo,' every winner needs a prize. Finding adorable treasures for these fun games as well as party favors for everyone is easy. At, there is a wide selection of items that your guests will love. From adorable baby bottle candles to beautiful crystal carriages, you'll find just the right items to let your friends and family know how much you appreciate their love and support during this special time. So have fun and enjoy this wonderful occasion.


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